I have been taking photos since I borrowed my Mum's Nikon FM2 as a child and struggled to get night exposures on 200 speed film.

Since then I’ve held a deep passion for capturing moments, especially if that moment can tell a story.


Photos don’t often stand alone; whether a campaign or an album it's a group of images that together capture our imaginations.   



On a photography trip I adventured around the Annapurna region and up into Naar Phu , a little visited valley that leads towards the Tibetan border.  This is a place that makes you feel humble and inspired in equal measure.



I have travelled to Wales since I was a child. The high density of world class locations and the ever changing weather make each adventure there wildly different.

Moon Climbing


Myself and the Puzzleglass team were commissioned to film and photograph Moon athlete Dave Fitzgerald’s ambitious bouldering trip. We shot a 30 minute documentary (here) about the trip as well as images of action, products for print and web.


This is a country with an incredible raw geology that feels alive and present like nowhere else I've been.

Another trip is long overdue.

Peak District


The Peak District feels like home ground, but I have learnt never to be complacent about getting out there at every opportunity.

So many times the same location has produced a huge range of different Images.