While She Sleeps – So What? Documentary


We closely followed the lives of the Sheffield band 'While She Sleeps', throughout the long and hard process of creating their new album, So What. 


Blockbuster - Moon Climbing

A short film following David Fitzgerald as he attempts to climb some of Europe's hardest boulders.

Bügeleisen (8c) and Big Paw (8c)

The Oath - Sheffield Hallam

Varsity marks a key time in the sporting calendar, particularly in Sheffield where the two main universities

go head-to-head in a wide range of sporting events.


For this project we were commissioned by Sheffield Hallam University to make this short film to reinforce

'The Pledge” - an agreement of fair play and sportsmanship between all competitors.

Fast Plant

Skate brand Fast Plant showcase their new range of clothes through this short film with a punk-rock egde.

Joss's Journey


Joss Livesey had the ambitious idea to cycle to, and then climb, 

the highest mountain in every European country on his bike over 9 months.